Exhibitor Registration

Register to exhibit at the 2019 Big Outdoors Expo. All companies registering for the Expo must be affiliated in some way with outdoor recreation (hunting, fishing, biking, golfing, camping, etc.).

Booth Prices: (Main floor 10x10: $600, 2nd floor 10x10: $400)

1. Company Information Edit

2. Booth InformationEdit

Please select the number of booths needed on each floor.
See map for available locations.
3. Additional OptionsEdit

Please request all items needed at the show.
Power: Yes, I need basic power (5 AMPS) for an additional $50
Hard-Wired Internet: Yes, I need hard-wired internet for an additional $50
Table: Yes, I need a table. FREE, if requested.
2 Chairs: Yes, I need 2 Chairs/booth. FREE, if requested.
If additional power is needed, please include details of your request in the notes section.
4. Rules and RegulationsEdit

Download Rules and Regulations

By checking this box you agree to the charges outlined AND you signify that you have read, agree, accept and will abide by the rules and regulations.
5. Payment Information

TOTAL: $0.00